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Signs That The Home You Want To Buy Needs A Mold Inspection

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No one wants to imagine that they have toxic substances in their home that could negatively impact their health or threaten their lives. However, there are many homes that have toxic mold growing in them. Sometimes homeowners may spot mold growing on surfaces and ignore it. Ignoring the presence of mold on surfaces is not wise because it can spread rapidly. There are many varieties of mold, and untrained eyes may not recognize toxic black mold. Some individuals may also not be aware that black mold can cause serious illnesses. 

The best way to determine if mold is present in a home is to schedule a mold inspection. Sometimes these inspections are performed as one of the necessary parts of real estate transactions, such as buying or selling a home. However, buyers need to always beware of the type of testing performed and obtain the full report of the tests as well as any remediation efforts made. Repeat testing is ideal if mold is indicated in a preliminary mold inspection. Buyers can also choose to hire an independent company or professional to perform tests as an added layer of security when sellers report that homes are mold-free. The following points indicate things to keep in mind if you are planning to purchase a home. 

Water Damage

Homes that have been exposed to water damage may have mold development. This could be water damage from events such as hurricanes or flooding. Plumbing issues may also lead to leaks and water damage. Homes with humidity issues that have not been addressed may also have mold issues. 


Some sellers sell their homes with current appliances included in the sale. These can be attractive finds for buyers. However, some appliances may show signs of mold. These signs might be good indicators that there is mold elsewhere in the home. Mold spores can spread quickly and replicate into more mold. Appliances that could hold tell-tale signs of hidden mold are refrigerators and washing machines. 

Building Materials

Stains from mold are hard to get rid of. Even if the surfaces get cleaned, the stains may still be visible. Drywall that has brownish discoloration has likely been exposed to water damage. Dark or grayish spots are indicative of mold. Mold development may be behind walls or ceilings, which is why testing needs to get performed. Window sills may also show signs of mold. While observing the window sills, it is a good idea to look at multi-pane windows to see if they have mold trapped within the panes. 

Many mold inspection companies offer a variety of services. They can likely assist with mold detection and mold remediation efforts. 

To learn more, contact a mold inspection company.